What’s A Second Shooter? ⁇

When booking a photo or video vendor you might hear this mentioned. Here’s The rundown.

1/25/20231 min read

bride and groom walking on the street
bride and groom walking on the street

A second shooter refers to a second videographer/photographer. These second shooter’s serve in a few roles. They might help the lead or primary vendor move equipment around, get extra angles, but they’re also invaluable for when there’s multiple things happening at more than one location. For example if the getting ready suites are in different locations, your primary vendor will often direct their second shooter to go to the Groom’s suite and get coverage there. Or during Golden Hour, the second shooter might be at cocktail hour getting all the happenings there. It also serves as an emergency fill in. If your primary vendor were to have equipment break, get in an accident, or become ill, their second shooter will be able to provide the essentials and make sure no memories are lost. Some video and photo vendors will include a second shooter in their base price, other’s will only offer it as an “add on” upcharge. Personally I include a second shooter in my base price because I want to be sure even if something goes wrong for me it doesn’t affect my couple’s memories for the day. It’s something to think about, I definitely recommend adding it on if it’s not included with your vendor’s base packages.


Ask your prospective vendor if they’ll be filming you alone or bring an assistant or second shooter.