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It's Us Over At Magical Multimedia & Sometimes The Occasional Post From Partnered Vendors.

President Andrew Jackson
President Andrew Jackson

About Andrew

I'm that guy who you don't notice in the room until I chime into the conversation. I've always been a bit of a back seat personality during conversation and gatherings. But I wouldn't change that for the world! Taking the back seat has let me observe a lot about people, systems, and workflows.

I own Magical Multimedia, a company based in Southern California focussing on media coverage for live events! This of course includes weddings, but also concerts, conferences, galas, competitive sporting events, etc. Having such a broad experience base to pull from has really benefited me and allowed me to bring experiences from one type of event and adapt it to make the status quo in another better.

About Caelyn


I'm Caelyn! I'm an Army Veteran enjoying life with my husband and adorable baby daughter.

Surgical Tech In Army Attention To Detail Blah Blah Blah

I act as the virtual assistant on the front line of Magical Multimedia responding to all the wedding inquiries up front and making sure we're a good fit.

I get to see so much variety in weddings with all of the prospective and committed clients we serve.

PS I've known Andrew since 2015!

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What is Magical Multimedia?

It's our company that takes everything you read about on the blog and puts it into practice! We're based in Southern California but service couples nationwide!

In 2023, Magical Multimedia was awarded the 2023 Couples Choice Award by Wedding Wire.

person holding fire works
person holding fire works