Spread out the day

Take your time, It’s not every day you get married!



2/7/20231 min read

Sometimes there’s a pressure that ‘the ceremony and last reception dance have to fit within this time frame’. There is of course an actual constraint on time with vendor pricing and availability, where the sun and night progression will be etc. etc. but the day is in your control, don’t forget who it’s all about. Feel free to front load the day with an extra hour after the first look to just be in your partner’s company. Don’t worry about all your reception events getting done in one big chunk, feel free to separate them out throughout the night. If you need to travel between locations, give yourself extra time so that one conversation or a little bit of traffic doesn’t put back the whole day and add extra stress.


> Take your time

> Enjoy Each Moment In The Moment

> Make Time To Be In Your Partner’s Company. It is all about you guys afterall!

> It’s your day, spend it how you want it!