It’s The Night Before The Wedding & You Get An Email “Hey…”



1/25/20231 min read

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person holding clear glass bottle with blue lid
person holding clear glass bottle with blue lid

We all get sick, it's a part of life that can’t be avoided. Sure we wear masks, take zinc, drink orange juice, make airbourne, wash our hands, get vaccinated, but somehow the germs always find their way. And unfortunately there’s a really good chance that one of your vendors will be sick. If you’re really unlucky you’ll get the dreaded email/text “hey… im sick. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it tomorrow.” So what then? Your amazing bridesmaids, family, planner, and yourself spend hours looking for a last minute replacement the night before. Talk about stress no one wants.

Here’s the fix! Ask your vendors what happens in this situation?

Insider Tip

Personally branded companies especially usually identified by ‘Jane DoePhotography’ or ‘John Smith Videos’ are the biggest worries since they tend to not have any backups. Companies with more members are typically better setup for these situations because they have someone able to fill in immediately and will avoid any stress of not having a vendor there.