Lights Lights Lights

Did you know all camera's do is capture light? Here's How To Make Sure Your Wedding Doesn’t Look Like It Was Shot On A Samsung.



2/2/20231 min read

tilt shift lens photography of black Sony DSLR camera
tilt shift lens photography of black Sony DSLR camera

Okay no quarrel with Samsung here promise!

But you all knew instantly what I meant. Grainy looking a little outdated, and just not very appealing to the eye.

Cameras function off of light, without light there’s nothing happening. The performance of the cameras will also depend on how much light there is. If you’re having a night time reception odds are it’s going to be pretty dark at least by camera standards. Some cameras adapt better than others, but by and large all cameras will struggle without adequate light.

But no worries! Professional video and photo vendors have this covered. For photo vendors of course they have flash. Video vendors though have to be a bit more elaborate, we use a variety of lights during the reception to make sure there’s enough light to capture all the memories and make it visually appealing too. Not only does it let the camera perform well but it adds to the visual appeal by adding contract and depth to the night.

Tip > Ask prospective video vendors if they use lighting for the reception. Ask if it's something on a stand set up, or just a light on top of their camera. (fyi. the former is *usually better)

Extra Tip > Ask prospective photo vendors if they use some sort of additional lighting either flash or video style lights.