I can barely see myself! πŸ‘€

Make sure your vendor has enough zoom that you'll actually be able to see your self in the deliverables.



2/2/20231 min read

Every wedding, and venue is different, likewise the needs your vendors will need to accommodate will vary.

While wedding photo and video vendors will often enter the center aisle, and be up front where the action is during the ceremony, they should be equipped to capture from the very back and sides of the ceremony. Some venue’s like cathedrals and orthodox churches are very strict on the movement permitted to the video and photo vendors during the ceremony. Some indoor spaces are just more cramped and dont allow for much movement once things get started.

Take the above images. If you're getting married in the cathedral on the left, you'll want to make sure your photo and video vendors can zoom in all the way from the back. Likewise if you're eloping while the picture on the right is nice, you wouldn't want your entire wedding to look like that. You'd want to be able to see the expression on each other's faces and feel like you're right there.

Your vendors should have lenses able to zoom in all the way to capture intimate moments at the altar despite being hundreds of feet away.

Tip > Ask your prospective photo and video vendors: Will You Be Able To Zoom In Tight From The Back Of The Ceremony With Your Equipment?