Choose Where You Get Ready Carefully

How Your Preparation Suite Will Impact Photos & Videos



2/7/20232 min read

white cuddle chair and throw pillows near window
white cuddle chair and throw pillows near window

If you’ve been a bridesmaid before you probably know all about bridal suites. All the ladies meet up and hang out in a room where a few mimosa’s will be had and everybody starts getting ready. Sometimes these rooms are suites provided by the venue, sometimes they’re hotel rooms or air b &b’s. Sometimes people get ready in their own living spaces. It’s all up to what makes your day work best! Here are some things to have in mind though when deciding which approach fits you.


> If getting a hotel room, be selective. Try to get a larger room, suites with detached bedrooms are great! Usually the more trendy hotels will be best because the walls won’t be wallpapered but will be a clean even tone. The less busy the rooms are, the easier time your photo and video vendors will have in making sure you and your bridal party stand out.

> Extra space is SOOO valuable. On your end it’s nice to not have everybody cramped together and give everyone some breathing room. Plus it gives extra for you and all your girls to get ready. For your photo and video vendors it gives us a little bit more space to get the details (See more about details here), get good angles, and not worry about navigating through everyone.

> If you’re getting married in warmer weather, make sure wherever it is has a good AC unit! Last thing you want is to be getting ready and have everyone fanning themselves, getting added stress from the heat.

> If you don't have anywhere in mind yet, ask your photo and video vendors! If they've worked a lot in your area they probably have a few favorite spots

> Pros and Cons With Travel Time. Suites at the venue are super convenient because you have a place there to touch up, leave your things and have only one location for getting everyone to. Hotels can provide a bit more flexibility if you want a specific location to do portraits prior to the ceremony, or to start the day earlier than the venue might allow. Some venue’s will only make their space open for you in the late morning.